Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Spring Flowers

My first spring in Winston-Salem, Enda from work took me for a drive to see the beautiful spring blossoms. Ever since, our family goes for an annual walk on Runny Meade. This street is one of my favorite things about Winston. The houses are gorgeous and there is a park in the median with beautiful landscaping. I love to run, drive, walk it any chance I get.Sadie enjoyed posing and we enjoyed snapping pictures of her. Hopefully the home owners didn't mind.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

9 months

At 9 months Rowan continues to be a perfect baby. He is a professional army crawler. Eating puffs keeps him busy. He is very snuggly. He gives "hugs" by laying his head on the people he loves. And we love him more than anything!


The Bonks came to NC twice this month. We met up with them and Sarah and Wilder at the life and science museum.These two friends were so cute, holding hands everywhere they went.We celebrated my 29th birthday as a family. Last year in my twenties! I'm glad I get to spend it with these cuties :)I got a bike for my birthday and we went for what I hope was the first of many family bike rides.Sadie is really into learning her letters. She is getting really good at sounds and writing.Sadie has been enjoying afternoon playdates with Abby. Dress ups is still a favorite activity.Kids morning out was at Salem Gymnastics.
I love teaching these little dancers. I'm not sure whether Sadie likes dance or just the excuse to wear her tutu dress.