Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is Sadie:

My little helper. I think she is ready for her big sister role.

Pajama girl. She loves to wear her jammies all day (who wouldn't). And when she isn't in pajamas, she'd prefer to be naked.
Expressive. Sadie's emotions definitely show on her face.

Family night favorite. This little girl loves family night. When I ask her what we should do tonight, she exclaims, "Family night!" Mike and I enjoy hearing her sing songs. The best is when she takes charge, runs upstairs to gather supplies (scripture stories, instruments, puppets, etc.) and comes back down to direct the FHE events.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

P is for Play, and....

Once a week Sadie gets together with 3 of her friends to learn about a letter and to play. Letter P was one of my favorites so far...
Painting with pudding

It didn't take long for these girls to figure out that it was edible!



Early in December Mike and Sadie came to support me (and our baby) in the Mistletoe half marathon. Sadie doesn't look too excited in this picture, but she cheered up for the party at the YMCA afterward, and even more for the snow we got later that day!

There's a happy girl.


We enjoyed our first Christmas at home!

Christmas breakfast

Christmas guitar

Christmas tutu
Our Christmas angel!