Sunday, January 29, 2012

Getting Ready for Christmas

Can we please stay in our footie jammies all day long?What do you do with extra Christmas ribbon? Sadie makes it into Rapunzel hair. Cute the first time, not so cute everyday for a week!Such a happy kid!Making a gingerbread house. More candy went in Sadie's mouth than on the houseSadie learned how to climb into Rowan's crib. It is always fun to find these two together first thing in the morning.


We kicked off the holiday season with lots of fun and friends. All because these two came in town! Rowan loved meeting Brett.Sadie loved catching up with Liesl!Sadie taught Brett some ballet.We had a yummy holiday meal at the Grace's. It was so nice to see everyone and get all these little kids together. Here is Rowan and his "twin".My kids (I can claim Snow, right?)Griffin, Rowan, Sadie, Snow, WilderThe group (minus Ellie who is taking the picture). Or as Sadie says, "the whole family!"

Sunday, January 22, 2012

More Puerto Rico

Here are some more highlights from our trip to Puerto Rico, from my parent's camera.We spent a lot of time in the mission van and we filled every seat! Dad and Alisa are in the front.Sadie and Grammie out for early morning sea shell collecting.Ahoy mates! I have never seen so many hermit crabs! These were not like the one we once had for a pet. They were active and fun. Brycen gather a bunch up in his bucket and then let them go.This was Rowan's first time swimming and first time in the ocean. It was beautiful clear water. He must have swallowed some though, and it was not so beautiful that night when he was barfing. Poor kid! He was the most pleasant sick baby I've ever seen.Hiking in the rain forest. Not the best picture of me, but the only Sadie looks adorable...Brycen showing how tough he is. Sadie is all worn out.Here is the whole group. We missed Adam, Abbey, Daniel and Mike.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Puerto Rico

On Thanksgiving, the kids and I left for Puerto Rico to see my parents at the end of their mission. It was quite an adventure. The last time I had flown with just Sadie I swore I'd never do it again. So why I thought it was a good idea to do it on my own with two kids, I don't know. Needless to say, I was a bit too overwhelmed to mess with a camera. Here are some of the highlights of the trip from Rachel's camera...Sadie and Aunt Rachel waiting for the ride down to the caves.Rowan stayed behind with Grammie and PopPop since it was going to be slippery. Turns out Sadie was scared and wanted to be carried the entire time. I would have been better off with Rowan! We just sang Hiho, hiho and pretended we were going to work with the seven dwarfs. It helped, a little.Next we visited a lighthouse. There was a beautiful view of the ocean. Brycen and Sadie were as cute as can be and had so much fun together!Rowan got to finally meet Grammie and PopPop on this trip. He loved being carried by my dad, just like Sadie did when she was a baby.Just one of many visits to the beach. Sadie kept asking when we were going to Puerto Rico. She thinks Puerto Rico means the beach. She was too excited to put here bathing suit on.I love my little man. Being away from Mike for a week, I was finally able to recognize the similarities between him and Mike. Everyone calls him little Mike. My dad said he was glad Rowan was there so he didn't forget what Mike looks like. Brycen and Sadie racing up to the fort in San Juan. I just love seeing my parents wearing their missionary badges. So proud!Sisters, plus Maryn and Rowan.Someone's all tuckered out. We learned that Sadie is still able to fall asleep anywhere. A skill she has possessed since birth. On this trip it normally followed a great big fit!Church in Vieques was a little less reverent when the Button family was in town. We nearly doubled the attendance and added an infinite amount of noise. The people there were so sweet and welcoming. I remembered many of them from our previous visit. Snorkeling in Vieques.Sadie found her daddy a starfish as promised.