Sunday, February 25, 2007

White Coat Ceremony

"McDreamy and Emily"

Mike had his "Family Weekend" during February and both sets of parents came into town. We had a full house, but we had a good time spending time with our parents while they were here.

The family

Mike and his friends are known as the "Merry Married Mens Club" at school. We don't know where the title came from. I think everyone's just jealous that the best looking guys at school are taken. I'm so proud of my future doctor. It's difficult to take him seriously now. I was practicing my acting skills for him as a patient yesterday, in preparation for next week's exams. I had to laugh during the abdominal exam and I thought he was trying to choke me during the thyroid exam. Maybe by the end of 4th year I'll be able to trust his exam skills, but for now he's just a little boy playing doctor.

Liesl, Brett, Matt, Sarah, Randy, Laurie, Mike and Me

"The Breadwinners"

Our lives in North Carolina

We have been living here in Winston-Salem, NC for nearly 9 months already!!! Time has flown by and we have grown to love this place. We've learned that in order to survive in the south we must drive slow, say "yes sir" and "yes ma'am", smile and wave to everyone we pass, say hello to strangers, and never ever eat the Mexican food! Daily life includes school for Mike, work for Emily, and lots of studying for both of us. We find time for fun as well! Medical school is an adventure and we've come to find out that the journey has only begun. We have each other though, and some really great friends here to experience it with us.