Sunday, October 11, 2009

Out in the country

Last night we chaperoned a stake youth activity. It was at a farm near Mount Airy. The weather and scenery were beautiful. We felt right at home with the hayride, cows, tractors and sunset. Add in the NC fall leaves, perfect weather and barbecue and it was pure bliss!

Yes, the Pearl is wearing a bib because she is a drooling machine!

Sadie had so much fun with her little friend Carson.

Sadie & Grandpa

Sadie has so much fun with her Grandpa! They love to read books, play the piano, make animal sounds, have piggy back rides... "It's always fun for everyone when Grandpa comes!"

Sunday, October 4, 2009


So, it has been awhile since our AZ trip and I am finally getting around to posting pictures from the weddings... the very reason that we went. Jordan & Rachel were married on Aug 27th, Isaac & Julie were married on Sept 3rd and Jordan & Rachel's reception was on Sept 12th. It was a wedding whirlwind!

Here are the newlyweds:
Ike & Julie Button
Jordan & Rachel Reidhead
Here are some pics from Ike's wedding:

Sadie helping Uncle Adam with his tie.
Sadie & Mama missing Daddy
Cute cousins, can't take their eyes off each other
Sadie with the groom
Sadie with Aunt Rachel. One week married!

Here are some pics from Rachel's reception:
Rachel with Grandma & Grandpa Hall
Alisa & Emily. I miss my sister!
Sadie is thinking, "Are you sure I'm allowed to have ice cream Grandpa Tom?"
The beautiful cake made by my sister in-law Abbey. Yep. She's amazing!
Carys & Aunt Emily
Sadie loves uncle Ike. One week married!
Mike decided to make a presence during the last 2 days of our 2 1/2 week trip. Here he is with the lovely Grandma Cheryl and her redhead granddaughter.
Here are some pics taken by Troy Brinkerhoff:
My parents couldn't get enough of these two.
Sadie misses Papa!
The happy family.