Monday, July 25, 2011

Aunt Rachel

My sister Rachel was our first out of town visitor. I could never thank her enough for being my helper! She came just in time, as Sadie began to demand some extra attention. Rachel endured Sadie's sas, our a/c failure, and my postpartum crazies. Amazing!
Here are a few pictures from her blog:
In addition to the beautiful newborn pictures she took of Rowan, she did a family shoot for us. This was no easy task. It was the most humid day of her trip and between Mike's closed eyes, Sadie's refusal to cooperate and my post-pregnancy chubs, a good picture of our family was not easy and requires some serious editing. In the mean time, here are a few we snapped on our own:
Love you Rach!

Moses Cone Graduation

Rowan was born on Monday, and on Friday was Mike's graduation. It was our first outing as a family of four. Maybe it was a little too soon, but we were a bit stir crazy and didn't want to miss it!
Mike had a running joke with his fellow residents regarding his facial hair, especially the mustache. He felt that is was only appropriate that he should wear one to the graduation. I personally don't believe it is ever appropriate to wear a stache (unless you are my Uncle Jay).
Rowan didn't seem to mind it.
Sadie on the other hand, did not want a tickley kiss. Even though last time Mike wore a mustache, she cried when he shaved it off. Apparently she is becoming older and wiser.
Congrats to our graduate. Good bye internship, internal medicine and 30 hour call!
Mike really enjoyed his time at Cone and his fellow prelims. However, they were all excited to be moving on to: Duke Dermatology, Tufts Ophthalmology, Wake Forest Ophthalmology and Duke Radiology.
We had a wonderful time. Sadie thought she was "Miss Belle" (from Beauty and the Beast) going to a ball with her yellow dress and fancy shoes. She danced the night away and ended up with some blisters... but it was worth it :)