Monday, May 23, 2011

Lazy 5

In April, we also went to the Lazy 5 Ranch. We've been a couple times before during the summer, but I've decided spring is the best time to go. The weather was perfect and there were pregnant, nursing and newborn animals everywhere.

Abby and Sadie ready for the wagon ride.

When we first arrived, my little girl was a bit skeptical of the giant peacock. She got braver with time.

Here are some of the animals we saw:

Don't get too close with that big slimy tongue!

Feeding the goats and sheep was one Sadie's favorite activities. She would only feed the babies though and got annoyed with the adult animals when they would try to sneak food out of her hands. It was quite entertaining to watch.


We loved celebrating Easter.
Sadie dyed eggs with her friends.
She hunted eggs and met the Easter Bunny at the YMCA.

She ate peeps with Dad.
Next time we'll take pictures before giving her candy.
Then we had friends over for dinner and the kids hunted eggs, again!

My favorite part of Easter was teaching Sadie the song "Did Jesus Really Live Again?" She learned all three versus and performed on Skype for her grandparents. Practicing the song each day for weeks helped us stay focused on the Savior.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Birthday and Visitors

Mike's parents were here in March and helped make my birthday extra special.
We went to the zoo:

Then to Furnitureland:

And home for some cake and icecream:


In March we enjoyed the outdoors.
Pretty blossoms (and not so pretty graffiti).
A walk and kisses with Lou and Stanley.

Walks in our neighborhood.
Sadie decided she prefers to pushing a stroller over riding in a stroller. We don't get very far though since she has to stop to make phone calls and calm her crying baby or bunny.
Playing at the park.