Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Labor Day Hike

These kids are such troopers. It was the hike we thought would never end. No complaints from the kids though. We learned two valuable lessons. #1 Don't try a new trail when with kids. #2 It is possible for a 6 year old to hike 10 miles. Go Joshua! Luckily we were with good friends with awesome attitudes.
Happy faces! This was before we realized we were lost :)
Mike felt bad as he was the leader. Sadie loved every minute of it. She keeps asking when we can go hiking again. I enjoyed it too. How could I not when I had this little man to look at the entire time?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Myrtle Beach

My friend Laurie invited the kids and I to join her and her son at the beach house for a week. Mike and I have been a few times with the Beards, but this time was definitely different. With more kids and no dads, it was an adventure. We have many stories and learned a lot about how to (or how not to) vacation with kids. #1 Margaritaville is not kid friendly. At least, not Sadie friendly. She was wishing it was 5 o'clock anywhere but there.

Our first outing to the beach only lasted about an hour. Since Sadie wasn't afraid of the water, Griffin didn't mind eating the sand, it made things difficult for the moms. Not to mention the wind and our run away umbrella. Despite the efforts of two kind gentlemen and our own, the umbrella still managed to get away and land on some sun bathers.


Rowan was ready to go in his bathing suit, but the water was too cold. Sadie didn't mind the ice cold water and enjoyed making her mom go deeper and deeper to the perfect spot to catch her as she jumped in.
Sadie helped herself to trying on shoes.
She decided she NEEDED this suitcase for Arizona. Her mom did not agree.
The Christmas store was a favorite.
We said goodbye to the beach just before hurricane Irene came to visit. It started sprinkling on us as Sadie looked for shells with the other early morning collectors. As we were walking back to the beach house, it began to pour. We took shelter under a parking garage with two older women, but when we decided it wasn't going to let up, we all took a run for it.

We really did enjoy ourselves. We were able to relax, enjoy our friends, and have a change of scenery. Despite the excitement, we escaped the hurricane.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dress Up

Sadie and her friends are going through a not so flattering phase we call dress ups. They come up with some pretty interesting outfits. On this occasion it was combined with dancing, singing, giggling and announcements that it is "my turn" with the Cinderella slippers.

Some how these two were able to stay asleep through the whole ordeal. I felt like a champ successfully watching 2 newborns and 4 three year old. Bring it on!
I sometimes hide the dress ups to encourage other creative play. One of my favorites is when Sadie helps Mike mow the lawn.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


One Month

Here is our Rowan boy on his 1 month birthday. The very talented Aunt Abbey made this blanket for him. I've decided to use it for his monthly picture. Mr. personality already. We love the faces he makes. He is very alert (when he is awake), trying to figure things out.