Friday, September 18, 2009

AZ Fun

Sadie and I got to visit Arizona for 2 1/2 weeks! It was our longest trip yet and we had so much fun! If it wasn't for the heat and the fact that Mike was only able to be there for two days, we would have been sad to leave. I loved seeing friends, spending time with family and having free babysitting. Sadie even had a couple sleep overs without me. It was great! Who knew?!

Sadie Pearl with her Grandma Pearl and her Great Grand-daddy (I gave him this name myself because Mike's mom calls him Daddy, which I think is adorable).
Does this little girl look happy or what? She loved all the attention from her grandmas and cousins.
Sadie got to play with Mike's cousin Bridget's little girl Tess who is just her age. They were having too much fun to hold still for a picture.
Sadie loves her Uncle Matt,
and her Uncle Daniel.
Sadie and Brycen were such good helpers the day I watched them both and attempted to work. They sure know how to use a 10-key! Maybe they'll grow up to be accountants too.
Ann had us over for a cousin craft night. It was great to see everyone. I only wish we could get together more often!
Sadie and I went to Tucson to visit my friend Allie and her family. They showed us how the dessert can be pretty and how reptiles can be fun.

We had a play date with my friend Beth and her little cutie, Zoie.
We got to celebrate my Mom's 50th birthday!