Friday, May 22, 2009


We took a weekend Myrtle Beach with our good friends Randy and Laurie Beard to celebrate the boys' completion of 3rd year and step 2 of the boards. 
This was Sadie's first time to see the ocean. She absolutely loved it! We couldn't even get her to look up long enough for a picture.

We took Sadie to the pool. She really enjoys the water. 

We also walked to the park, played on the swings and the other playground equipment. Sadie is still more interested in people watching than anything else! 

Laurie, Sadie and I  - saying goodbye to the beach.

Race for the Cure

On May 2nd we raced to cure breast cancer! It was a fun 5k run. Only on rare occassions will Mike run with me and I absolutely loved having him as a running buddy. 
The guys and the kids.
The girls and strollers.
The happy family (before the run).
Sadie enjoyed a nice nap while her parents were working hard, taking turns pushing her during the race.
Sadie's two loves: Balloons & Carson

Friday, May 1, 2009

Trip to AZ

After completing our first tax season together, Sadie and I deserved a break. So off to Arizona we went. My wonderful family made me miss AZ, but the 100 degree temperature in April did not! Here are some highlights from out trip:

My good little traveler made friends along the way. She even spent some time in the row behind me with some new found friends who couldn't resist holding her.
We had fun with Carys and Madison. They are getting so big and are great helpers.

We visited Aunt Rachel at work.
We spent some time at Grammie's work as well.
My sister Alisa's boy and Sadie became the best of friends (as soon as he stopped trying to poke her eyes out)! 
Cousins share everything... even pacifiers. No matter how we tried they were contantly switching :)

We had fun at Grandma & Grandpa Vance's house. Sadie loved this little car, the rocking pony, the swing, and especially the dog Tucker!

We went for a hike in Phoenix near Adam and Abbey's house.
Then Sadie cooled off in the pool. This was her first time swimming.

We shopped at the San Tan outdoor mall. Sadie thought this play area was pretty neat.

We miss everyone already and can't wait until next time!


Here are some old pictures from Easter. Sadie loved playing with the plastic eggs and grass. No candy necessary, at least this year. Good thing since by the time I made it to the store they were out of the good stuff. Luckily we were invited to the Dison's for dinner (which was delicious) and we shared their candy too!

Sadie posing for pictures to send to the family:

Sadie and Elena didn't want to cooperate with picture taking, but they were awfully cute!