Sunday, June 29, 2008

Waiting for Baby!

Only 16 days left until the expected arrival of our little one. Mike has been busy on his surgery rotation... so no pics of him this post. He is loving it, but doesn't have much energy for anything else but sleeping, pushing on my tummy, and asking our baby when she is coming. I've been trying to stay distracted...

Playing with Laurie's new puppy: Baby Sophie.

Swimming and wearing matching outfits. (Not planned, but funny so we took a picture.)

Hanging out with friends at a "b-dazzled" themed baby party.

Getting bigger everyday. This isn't very flattering, but it's for Allie who just had to see my big belly. Here it is!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Memorial Day weekend.... a little late

The girls in ward gave me a baby shower. It was so much fun! I got lots of great advice and even a little practice - holding cute little Jackson. I'm lucky to have these girls here to help me as I learn about how to be a new mom.

Stacey had a lay-over in Charlotte and came to see us! Mike introduced her to his favorite NC fast food... Cook Out. It was great to have her motivation to get our nursery started. Thanks Stacey for your hard work and for making the project fun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Work Shower

The sweet ladies I work with gave me a baby shower a couple weeks ago. It was truly southern style with fancy dishes, porch sitting, and of course, a vera bradley diaper bag as a gift. It was so much fun and I feel so lucky to work with wonderful ladies who are supportive and excited for my baby to come.

Ouch! But not too bad...

A couple of weeks ago, Mike was playing basketball down at the church gym and called me around 9:30 or so. I had just arrived at a friend's house and I thought that he was just calling to have me come and pick him up. He did want me to pick him up, but he also added that he had broken his nose. Actually, a law student, Spencer, that goes to church with us, had collided with him - hitting his head against his nose and causing the break. Luckily, we have a bunch of different residents that also go to church with us, so Mike was able to call an ENT resident and get a late night consult over the phone. We decided not to go to the ER and Mike had an appointment the next morning before 9 AM. We lucked out again and it turned out that they would be able to fix his nose the next morning. So, less than 48 hours after the injury, Mike was back home with a little white cast over his nose, but at least it was back to being straight. But, there is a twist to this whole story... About a year ago, Mike was playing football with some friends from church (he plays football almost every Saturday with them) and he had a collision with a law student, Patrick, and ended up on the giving instead of the receiving end of the broken nose that time... Funny how things work out. But Mike didn't even have it half as bad as Patrick - he didn't get the black eyes that Patrick had - all he got was the cast.